SMMSP 2007

Call for Papers

First Call for Papers


The 2007 International Workshop on
Spectral Methods and Multirate Signal Processing

September 1-2
Moscow, Russia


This workshop is the seventh annual workshop with the same title. The first one, SMMSP 2001, was organized in Pula, Croatia in June 2001, the second one, SMMSP 2002, in Toulouse, France in September 2002, the third one, SMMSP 2003, in Barcelona, Spain in September 2003, the fourth one, SMMSP2004, in Vienna, Austria in September 2004, the fifth one, SMMSP2005, in Riga, Latvia in June 2005, and the sixth one, SMMSP2006 in Florence, Italy in Septemper 2006.

Workshop topics include, but are not limited to:

  1. Digital signal and image transforms
  2. Lapped transforms, Wavelets and others
  3. Transforms in Optics
  4. Transforms in Digital Logic
  5. Efficient (fast) algorithms
  6. Multirate filter banks
  7. VLSI implementation of transforms and filter banks
  8. Applications of transforms and filter banks

All accepted papers will be published by the Tampere International Center for Signal Processing in its Proceedings and Report Series. In addition, selected papers will be invited for publication in further book projects.

Important dates:

Full paper (6-8 pages)April 16, 2007
Notification of acceptanceMay 15, 2007 June 1,2007
Camera-ready paper (6-8 pages)July 2, 2007 July 22,2007

Workshop Chairs:

Prof. Jaakko Astola
jaakko.astola (at)
Prof. Mikhail Tchobanou
cmk2 (at)
Prof. Karen Egiazarian
karen (at)
Prof. Tapio Saramäki
ts (at)

Publication Chairs:

Dr. Atanas Gotchev
atanas.gotchev (at)
Dr. Robert Bregovic
robert.bregovic (at)

Finance chair:

Ms. Pirkko Ruotsalainen
pr (at)

Workshop Secretariat:

Tampere University of Technology
Tampere Insternational Center for Signal Processing
P.O.Box 553, FI-33101 Tampere, FINLAND
pr (at); phone +358-3-3115-3818; fax: +358-3-3115-3817