Mobile 3DTV content delivery
optimization over DVB-H system

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The project Mobile 3DTV started at IMT (Institute of Media Technology) on 01.01.2008. In this project, funded by the 7th framework program of the EC, six European partners try to set-up a system to stream stereoscopic content on mobile devices. The goal is to produce 3D video impressions without the need of wearing glasses and provide novel satisfying experience to the viewer.

IMT conducts the user studies in the project. Together with Tampere University of Technology, Finland, we try to optimize the perceived video quality. Video quality evaluation has a long history and standards to assess quality quantitatively already exist for a long time. However, stereoscopic video is affected by more than just the image quality. Influence of emotions or physiological sickness symptoms is known.

To analyse these factors IMT and Tampere University of Technology have developed new assessment methods, e.g. our researchers are interested in why the users would rate a video with a certain grade and what their impressions of quality would be. Therefore our visual quality researchers need to perform different user studies in which they ask people to use Mobile 3D devices and respond a questionaire about the perception of the 3D content.

Since the user studies described above will be performed at Technical University Ilmenau (Germany), this section is mostly directed to people from Germany and therefore further explanation about being part of the project is written in german.