Mobile 3DTV content delivery
optimization over DVB-H system

MOBILE3DTV is a small-scale focused collaborative project funded by the FP7. Three universities (Tampere University of Technology, Technical University of Ilmenau, Middle East Technical University), one public research institute (Fraunhofer HHI), and two SMEs (Tamlink Ltd and MM Solutions Ltd) form the project consortium which carries out the research work.

Project co-ordination is appointed jointly to Tamlink Ltd and Tampere University of Technology. Tamlink’s role concentrates on administrative management and Tampere University of Technology co-ordinates the scientific research activities. Fraunhofer HHI’s research team brings in its comprehensive experience in developing multi-view content creation and coding for mobile 3DTV, while Middle East Technical University’s team concentrates on developing error resilience techniques for streaming multi-view video content over error-prone channels. Research team of Institute of Signal Processing, Tampere University of Technology focuses on developing advanced image and video processing methods to achieve the best possible visual quality so to appeal to the viewers of mobile 3DTV content. Teams from Technical University of Ilmenau and Unit of Human-Centered Technology, Tampere University of Technology design and carry out subjective tests to support the optimization of the coding and transmission techniques, and the development of a perceptually-driven objective video quality metric. MM Solution’s main responsibility is to design a technology demonstrator, i.e. a prototype handheld device capable of receiving, decoding and playing stereoscopic video-streams.