TISE Summer School on
3D Media Technologies and User Experience

Aim and scope

The research on 3D media technologies has boomed in recent few years. Acknowledging the complexity and importance of the topic, EC has been funding a series of projects. Within the 6th Framework Programme (FP6), it has funded a large Network of Excellence on three-dimensional television (3DTV). Within FP7, about 19 projects are currently funded and gathered together within the 3D Media Cluster. The same topic of research is emerging also in Finland. There are a number of institutions, such as Tampere University of Technology, University of Helsinki, University of Oulu, Aalto University and VTT participating in European projects related with 3D, namely Mobile3DTV, 3DPhone, Real 3D, P2P Next. The topic is addressed in the very new program Next Media, part of TIVIT - the Strategic Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation in the Field of ICT. Academy of Finland identified the topic within its ongoing programme on 'Photonics and modern imaging techniques'. Nokia Research Center conducts relevant research and standardization in the area.

There is a critical mass of researchers working on relevant research problems. However, the educational background somehow lay behind because of the novelty of the area.

The aim of the summer school on 3D Media Technologies and User Experience is to provide advanced training to students and researchers who want to advance in the area. The school will feature tutorial-like lectures on established topics within the general topic given by world-renowned speakers. Presentations on novel achievements on emerging topics along with poster session of student research works will be featured as well.